What kind of toys can a guinea pig play with? Learn everything about guinea pig toys and health tips

What kind of toys can a guinea pig play with? Learn everything about guinea pig toys and health tips
What kind of toys can a guinea pig play with? Learn everything about guinea pig toys and health tips


What kind of toys can a guinea pig play with?

A lot! Guinea pigs are intelligent, active animals that need a variety of toys to keep them entertained. Choose from devices for chewing and carrying, hideouts for when they’re tired, a tunnel to run through, or a family of interactive toys such as the cardboard box and ball. Whatever your guinea pig’s favorite things to play with, we’ve covered you!

The best part is that many of these toys stimulate your guinea pig’s instincts while providing enrichment. Bored guinea pigs can be prone to unwanted behaviors such as excessive wheel spinning or chewing furniture so that toys can provide an outlet for their exploratory and foraging instincts.

How do I keep my guinea pig entertained?

The best way to keep your pig happy is with various guinea pig toys. It would be best if you changed up the toys and swapped in fresh new ones at least once a week. This keeps your pig’s environment exciting and gives him something to look forward to throughout the week.

If you give your pig a few simple toys, make sure you have more exciting big toys that he can quickly get in and out of. This will allow him to explore the toy while still being able to run and jump around.

Where should I put my guinea pig’s toys?

Guinea pigs should be given lots of room to play, so choose a place with plenty of space for your pigs. If you have a pair of guinea pigs, make sure they have separate play areas. You may also want to give your pig a portion of the living room to play in so he can socialize with you and your family.

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What types of toys should I give my guinea pig?

Whatever toy you decide on should be safe and non-toxic for your little guy! Check out the Packy & Marbles Toy List for a list of toxic toys.

There are many different kinds of toys out there for guinea pigs. We’ve included a few in this article, but there’s more to choose from — check around the toy store for different types of toys! Here are a few that might be great to try:

Cardboard Boxes

A cardboard box is an excellent choice for your guinea pig because it’s durable, nontoxic, and simply fun for him. Buy him the kind with handles so he can carry it around easily.

Chew Toys

Pine Cones, Twigs and Straws, Bamboo Trim HideoutsĀ  (This is used to keep your pig in a safe place while he’s playing with other toys.)

Hiding Edges (A type of toy that hides small bones or treats inside. Your pig will be able to find treats inside the hideout. This is a fun way to hide treats and a safe place for your pig while he plays with other toys.)

JumpscaresĀ  (This is a type of toy that has multiple purposes. If you’re using it as a hideout, your pig will be able to get in and out of the exit hole without getting stuck. If you’re using it as a jumper, the holes outside make the toy easy for your pig to jump into. These are fun toys for your pig!)

Colorful BodiesĀ  (These have a bright body that can easily be chewed. If you like this toy, there are many kinds with different themes. Some have balls that rattle and glow in the dark. They’re fun toys to play with as well as chew.)

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What kinds of toys should I avoid giving my guinea pig?

It would be best to avoid plastic toys for your guinea pig because they can cause injury when ingested. They could also get caught in a plastic toy’s crevasses and suffocate.
Hiding Edges
Unsightly messes! As with any toy, your guinea pig’s toys will need to be cleaned once they’ve been played. If you want to avoid stains or picking up pieces of your guinea pig’s toys, place the toys away after playtime.

How do I know if my guinea pig is bored?

If your guinea pig is bored, he may start chewing holes in your furniture. He may also be more challenging when making friends with you and other guinea pigs. If you think boredom is causing some unwanted behavior, give your pig more toys to play with!


How do you mentally stimulate a guinea pig?

A mental workout is as good for your pig as it is for you!

You can purchase a pine cone activity center or other fun and interactive toys for fun piggy activities.

How many hours a day should I play with my guinea pig?

Playing with your guinea pig isn’t only fun and crucial to his mental health and well-being. One of the most common mistakes people make when playing with their guinea pigs is spending too much time playing.

When your guinea pig is young, playing with him should be limited to 15-30 minutes of active play. This helps his little body get used to the activity before he gets too tired and starts to crawl away. As your pig grows older, you can start playing with him for extended periods.

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Piggyback Ride! Just remember that when you’re holding your guinea pig, it counts as active playtime since he will be moving around while riding on you.


What will I need for my guinea pig’s safety?

Guinea pigs can get into much trouble if they’re not supervised, especially when given free rein in the house. To keep them safe and happy, you’ll want to provide a physical barrier between your pig and any potential danger.

Keep your guinea pig in a comfortable area where he’ll be safe while still being able to run around. Remember that he may try to run off when he gets startled, so ensure you can catch him if he tries to escape.

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