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Maltipoo Names for Dogs: New, Cool and Unique Names.

Maltipoo Names for Dogs: Cool and Unique Maltipoo Names.
Maltipoo Names for Dogs: Cool and Unique Maltipoo Names. Photo by Talal Hakim from Pexels

Do you want a cute and unique name for your maltipoo? If so, this blog post will provide you with some cool suggestions to choose from. Malti-poos are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world today, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need a great name. In fact, maltipoo names can make all the difference when it comes to naming your new friend!



What is a maltipoo and where did the name come from.

Maltipoo breeds are a cross between a Maltese and a poodle. The name for the breed has its origins in two words, “malti” which is short for Maltese, and “poo”, which stands for Poodle (Maltipoos look like they have black fur but it’s actually their natural color).


Other Names:

This popular dog breed also goes by other nicknames including malt-a-poo or ma-lt-poos among others.


Breed Group:

Non Sporting Dogs – Companion & Toy Dog Breeds; AKC Breed Category – Companion Dogs.


Height Range of Male Malts/Poos:

Males can grow up to 15 inches tall while females reach 14 inches at most. Some maltipoos may be taller than typical dog breeds, but they are not too large or heavy.


Height Range of Female Malt/Poo:

Females can reach a height between 13 to 15 inches tall at most. They tend to stay smaller compared to their male counterparts. However, some females may grow up to 18 pounds in weight and still remain very playful dogs that don’t need extra exercise time (because this breed is so active).


Life Expectancy:

Maltese Poodle mixes typically live 12–15 years on average. But the good news is that malti-poos have become more common as pets for many families all over the world today which means you will likely find other owners who share your love for this unique mix breed. You can also find forums, blogs and other social networking sites where you can meet these dogs owners for advice or tips on how to raise your maltipoo pup (a great way to make new friends).


How Much Do Malti-poos Cost:

Average price is around $400-$800 per puppy but prices vary depending on the breeder/seller.


Typical Height of a Full Grown Male Malts/Poos:

Males grow up to 15 inches tall at most. Females can reach 14–15 inches tall in height as well but are much smaller than their male counterparts; females only weigh between 11–18 pounds when fully grown (they’re like Toy Poodles so don’t expect them to be as big as a full-sized Golden Retriever).


Maltipoo names – boy dog names.

Below is a list of Best names for a male Maltipoo , they are all very cool and unique names that will make your new furry friend stand out from the rest.

  1. Axel – derived from the Old Norse word “áss”, meaning “god”.
  2. Bailey – likely derived from the Old English word “bægel” meaning “herdsman”.
  3. Bentley – from the Old English name Beornheard, composed of the elements beorn “bear” and heard “hardy, brave, strong”.
  4. Boone – likely derived from either the Irish surname Ó Baoighill or the Scottish surname Mac Boone.
  5. Bruno – derived from the Germanic element brunja meaning “brown”.
  6. Cabot – named after John Cabot (Giovanni Caboto), an Italian explorer who was the first European to discover Newfoundland.
  7. Cash – short for Cashmere, which is a type of wool that comes from goats.
  8. Chester – possibly derived from the Old English word “ceaster” meaning ” Roman fort “.
  9. Cody – likely derived from the Irish surname Mac Óda or the Scottish surname Mac Codha.
  10. Diesel – named after Rudolf Diesel, the German engineer who invented the diesel engine.
  11. Dexter – from the Old English name Deorad, composed of the elements deor ” deer ” and rad ” counsel”.
  12. Gage – from an Old French word meaning “pledge, security, assurance”.
  13. Harley – from the Old English name Heorulf, composed of the elements heoru ” sword ” and wulf ” wolf “.
  14. Knox – deriving from a place name meaning either “hill where holly grows” or “(place by) the river Clyde”.
  15. Logan – from the Scottish surname Mac Loghainn, composed of the elements loch “lake” and gamhainn “calf”.
  16. Maddox – derived from a Welsh name meaning either “fortunate” or “son of Madoc”.
  17. Maxx – short for Maxwell, which is derived from the Old English name Maechealswell, composed of the elements mægen “strength” and hwil “time, while”.
  18. Murphy – an Irish surname derived from an Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Murchadha meaning “descendant of Murchadh”.
  19. Noble – deriving from the Latin word nobilis meaning “well-known”.
  20. Ozzie – derived from the Germanic name Oswin (from os “god” and winu “friend”).
  21. Phoenix or Phineas – from the Greek word phoenix, meaning ” fiery bird “. Pax – Latin for peace.
  22. Remington Steele – named after a brand of typewriter manufactured by Remington during the 20th century.
  23. RB/Red Baron (“Baron” is a cool name for a dog!) – as in Baron Manfred von Richthofen aka The Red Barron , one of World War I’s most famous fighter pilots who was credited with 80 kills before being shot down himself on April 21, 1918. Even though his real first name is Friedrich he became known as The Red Baron.
  24. Remi – a French nickname for the name Remy, meaning “reborn”.
  25. Sawyer – from the Old Norse word sauðr (meaning both “saw” and “seer”).
  26. Silas – as in Silvanus , one of Paul’s companions on his missionary journeys who was imprisoned with him at Rome.
  27. Spence or Spencer – likely derived from an English surname that originally belonged to someone who lived by a walled enclosure used for hunting game. Or it could be derived from Specerie (“spice seller”) which is another term for grocery store .
  28. Sullivan – either Irish Gaelic Ó Súileabháin meaning descendant of Sulbhach or Anglicized form of the Scottish Gaelic Mac an t-Saoil meaning “son of life”.
  29. Tom Sawyer – from the fictional character created by Mark Twain in his novel The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1876).
  30. Wyatt – from an Old English name composed of the elements wiege “battle” and hætt “hood, protection”.
  31. York – named after the city of York in Yorkshire, England.
  32. Zane or Zayne – possibly derived from an Arabic name meaning “beautiful”.
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Check out some other cool male Maltipoo names.

  1. Ajax
  2. Artie
  3. Asher
  4. Atticus
  5. Barrett
  6. Beckham
  7. Benny
  8. Bently
  9. Bruno
  10. Cabot
  11. Carter
  12. Chase
  13. Chewy/Chewy Jr.
  14. Crosby (as in hockey)
  15. Dexter (as in the TV show)
  16. Duke (of Windsor or York)
  17. Elliott (or Ellie for short)
  18. Finnigan (Finn for short)
  19. Foxx (Jamie Foxx’s first name is Eric but we’re going with Foxx here!)
  20. Gage (Gage Alexander is quite a popular name for boys right now!)
  21. Guinness (like the beer or the dog from Frasier!)
  22. Harley (Davidson or Quinn) Knox (as in Knox gelatin)
  23. Maddox
  24. Maxx
  25. Miles
  26. Murphy
  27. Nash (Nashville)
  28. Noble
  29. Ozzie (Oswald)
  30. Pax (Roman or Greek for “peace”)
  31. Phoenix RB/Red Baron (“Baron” is a cool name for a dog!)
  32. Remington Steele (or just Remi for short)
  33. Sawyer (like Tom Sawyer from the Mark Twain novel)
  34. Silas Sinatra (“Frank” would be a great name for an old-school maltipoo!)
  35. Sonny (as in Bono or Cher’s son)
  36. Spencer
  37. Sullivan

There you have it – some cool and unique maltipoo names for your pup! Do you have a favorite that we missed? Let us know in the comments below! :)?


Maltipoo names – girl dog names.

Looking for a cool name for your female Maltipoo ? Check out the list of female maltipoo names below.

  1. Abbie – from a Latin name meaning “my father is bright”. It was popularized by the American actress and model Abigail Van Buren (aka Ann Landers).
  2. Ace – as in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective . A.J. or AJ – short for Alexandria, one of the largest cities in Egypt with nearly four million inhabitants.
  3. Bailey – named after an English town that literally means “sheep enclosure” or possibly derived from Old Norse bær (“farm”).
  4. Bella/Belle – Italian for beautiful; French for pretty; Spanish for beautiful girl!
  5. Brandy – from Dutch brandewijn (meaning “(strong) liquor”) which is based on Middle Dutch brantwijn (“burnt wine”). Candy – from the English word candy, which is derived from Middle French candi (meaning “candy; sugar”).
  6. Chloe – Greek for green shoot or young branch. Clover – from the English word clover, which is a name given to any of several plants in the genus Trifolium that have three leaves each.
  7. Coco – as in Coco Chanel , one of the most influential fashion designers of all time.
  8. Daisy – meaning “day’s eye” in Old English, daisy is a flower name often associated with innocence and purity.
  9. Dixie – named after the Southern United States region once informally known as Dixieland .
  10. Ellie – short form of Eleanor, which is derived from the Old French name Aénor meaning “sun; shining light”.
  11. Emmy – derived from the old German word amal meaning “work; labor”.
  12. Evie – short form of Eve, which is derived from the Hebrew name Chavah meaning “life; living one”.
  13. Ginger – from an English nickname for the spice ginger, which is derived from the Sanskrit word srngara (meaning “lovely; pleasing”).
  14. Harper – possibly derived from Old French harpe (“harp”) or Scottish Gaelic hìorpa (“hoopoe”).
  15. Hazel – named after the hazelnut tree. Heidi – a Swiss girl’s name that is derived from Adelheid , a feminine form of Adolf .
  16. Honey – as in honeybee .
  17. Josie/Josephine – English and French diminutive of Josephine, which is a feminine form of the male name Joseph.
  18. Liberty – named after Lady Liberty , who has been featured on US coins since 1878 and appears as a symbol of freedom and democracy.
  19. Lulu – Hawaiian for “gentle breeze”.
  20. Maddie or Maddy – short form of Madison, which is derived from an Old English place name meaning “son of Madoc “. Maxine – French feminine form of Maximus (meaning “greatest”).
  21. Mia – short form of Maria, which is the Latin form of Mary, who was the mother of Jesus Christ.
  22. Millie – from the English word mill , derived from the Old French mille (“thousand”).
  23. Molly – a diminutive of Mary, which is derived from an Aramaic name meaning “bitterness”.
  24. Nala – as in Nala from The Lion King .
  25. Nikki – short form for Nicole, which is a Greek name meaning “victorious people”.
  26. Olive – named after the olive tree.
  27. Quinn – an Irish and Scottish surname that means “descendant of Conn “.
  28. Remy – French feminine form of Remi , a Provençal (southern France) name derived from Late Latin Rhemius or Romulus .
  29. Rosie – short form of Rosalind , which is a feminine version of the English name Roland .
  30. Ruby – one of the most popular gemstones.
  31. Scarlet/Scarlett – from Old French escarlate, meaning “scarlet; crimson”.
  32. Sadie – derived from Sarah, about whom there are many detailed stories in both the Bible and Qur’an .
  33. Savannah – named after an area in Georgia that was once covered with swamps (now mostly drained).
  34. Skye or Skyler – Scottish for “man from Scotland” / Germanic for “heavenly rock”, referring to someone who lived on top of a mountain.
  35. Zoey – possibly Greek for life?
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The Maltipoo names above were written by me! If you like them then please share this blog post with your friends. And if you have any other cool maltipoo names to suggest, please leave a comment below. Thanks for reading!


Unique maltipoo names.

Check out the following Unique maltipoo dog names:

  1. Amelia – from the Latin amalthea, meaning “to cherish”.
  2. Bella – Italian for beautiful .
  3. Bombay – after a city in India.
  4. Bonnie – Scottish and Irish form of English unisex Bona (meaning “good”).
  5. Brandy or Brandi – an American girls’ name that is derived from a Scandinavian place name meaning “hill where broom grows”.
  6. Buttercup – another flower-based maltipoo dog names.
  7. Cadence/Cadenza – music terms; one beat of silence at the end of a musical phrase.
  8. Candy – considered informal but sweet as candy!
  9. Caramel: A rich brown color often associated with food such as caramel candies!
  10. Champagne : Named after that sparkling wine which comes in many colors.
  11. Cherry – named after the fruit.
  12. China : Named after a country that produces porcelain and ceramics, like dogs!
  13. Chloe – Greek for flower .
  14. Crystal: A transparent mineral or gem Example “crystal clear water”.
  15. Daenerys from Game of Thrones
  16. Daisy – an English girls’ name meaning “day’s eye” in Old English (referring to its petals).
  17. Dandelion – subjectively beautiful wildflower.
  18. Delilah – Hebrew for “delicate; weak “.
  19. Destiny/Destinyy: Fated future events or powers beyond human control
  20. Dionne : French feminine form of Dennis , which is derived from dien (“to judge”) and the suffix -onis.
  21. Ebony – a type of hard, black wood.
  22. Emerald – a green gemstone.
  23. Esme – French girls’ name that is derived from Germanic elements meaning “esteemed; beloved”.
  24. Fiona: Scottish for “fair; white.”
  25. Foxy – cunning or attractive in an appealing way.
  26. Gemma- Italian girls’ name meaning “gem, jewel.”
  27. Harper – after musician and songwriter Harper Lee .
  28. Holly: An evergreen shrub with red berries.
  29. India : After the country where this dog breed originated!
  30. Indy (or Indiana) – named after the American city Indianapolis .
  31. Jade– a semiprecious stone typically green in color.
  32. Jasmine: A sweet-smelling flower often used in perfumes and aromatherapy.
  33. Jolie : French for “pretty.”
  34. Kailani – Hawaiian girls’ name meaning “heavenly orchid”.
  35. Kali – Hindi form of the Hindu goddess Durga .
  36. Kalista: A Greek name that means, in part, “most beautiful”.
  37. Karma – a concept based on teachings from Indian religions where intent and actions contribute to the consequences experienced in this life (or future lives).
  38. Katy : Either an English variant spelling of Kaytee , which is also used as a boys’ name; or possibly derived from Catherine meaning “pure”, although it could also come from Katja pronounced ‘ka-tia’. This maltipoo dog names are my favorite!
  39. Kimber/Kimberley– after a color or a place-name meaning “ravine” in Old English.
  40. Lala – short for the name Lalage , which is of French origin, and means “lark” (a type of bird).
  41. Lilac – an evergreen shrub with fragrant purple flowers Lily – a flower that represents purity and innocence.
  42. Melba: From melbourne + bailey, referring to Australian city Melbourne where this dog breed was originally developed; plus Bailey after Linda Bailey, who bred the first dogs used in developing this breed.
  43. Myra/Mira : A Greek girls’ name derived from myrrha , ultimately from Hebrew murr hah (“bitter”).
  44. Naiya– Native American word for “water.”
  45. Naomi – Hebrew name meaning “pleasant” or “beautiful”.
  46. Nola (or Nova) – after an American city New Orleans .
  47. Opal – a gemstone that is valued for its play of colors.
  48. Peaches: A delicious, juicy fruit!
  49. Peppermint Patti/Patti : Either derived from the Latin word pattere , which means “to fall”; or possibly named after Patty Hearst who was kidnapped and given this as her new name while being held hostage by terrorists.
  50. Pearl – created when layers of nacre are deposited on a foreign object swallowed by a mollusk in order to protect itself…and it becomes precious once cultivated into jewelry ‘Pearl’ also refers to someone with very white skin!
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Popular Maltipoo Names.

Here is a list of popular maltipoo names for your female and male maltipoo puppy’s:

Female Names : Aiko, Alice, Alizee, Amaya, Angelina , Anita, Annie & Aruba.

Male Names : Akiyo (M), Apollo (M), Azul (m) , Barak(m ), Bijou/BJ(?), Blaise(m ) Blueberry/Bluebie – after a delicious dessert! Burger-A-Lots – it’s all about the money baby!! Butterscotch– you don’t have to be good looking to impress me!! Butterball or BB for short – just too cute for words!

Elle: Short for Eleanor, which is derived from the Greek word helios meaning “the sun.” Emeraude – French name meaning “emerald.” Esmeralda- Spanish name meaning “emerald.” Evangeline – after the character in the poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

Febreze- because she just freshens everything up with her amazing scent! Fendi (or Fenni)– named after a high fashion brand, this pup is definitely a posh one! Fiona – Scottish girls’ name meaning “fair,” “lovely,” or “handsome.” Flash – he’s always moving so fast that you can’t help but admire him!

Choosing the perfect name for your new pup.

Well, there you have it! I hope this article has given you some great ideas for choosing the perfect name for your new Maltipoo puppy. Have a wonderful day and please tell us about what names you choose in the comments below 🙂


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